Yellow-Rumped Warbler and Persimmon by Dianna Page
Dianna Page

Yellow-Rumped Warbler and Persimmon by Dianna Page

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Yellow-Rumped Warbler and Persimmon
by Dianna Page

Original Acrylic

Framed Dimensions:  9" High x 9" Wide x 1" Deep

About Dianna Page:

Dianna Page is a local artist who grew up and developed her talent in Little Mountain SC, a small town created by her great grandfather Noah Boland right after the Civil War. She still lives and works there today.

Dianna's greatest inspiration for painting is her love of nature. She spends hours in the woodlands observing animals, birds and landscapes setting the images, shadings, and colors in her mind. She then begins to bring these images to life through sketches and paintings using acrylics and specially prepared Masonite boards.

She received her formal training in art from Newberry College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree and also studied art at the University of South Carolina. She worked from a studio in the 1980's where she studied mixing and blending colors. Much of her early work was in pencil but a book of wildlife prints by Robert Bateman, given to her as a gift from her brother, gave her the inspiration to paint natural subjects.

Dianna says, "I love the natural world - from the smallest birds in my backyard to broad landscapes and woodlands. To me, nature is a precious gift from God and I feel honored and blessed to be able to celebrate this world through my art."